Time of the Gorgons


Time of the Gorgons  is part of our roleplaying campaign. It's set in a mythical Greece, under the occupation of the Aes Sidhe Overlords, in the 16th Century ish.

There are thousands of good people in Time of the Gorgons, but very few get remembered. Yanis the Sly is  definitely one worth keeping an eye of.


Book One

Chapter One: Stars in the Deep

Chapter Two:  Danger in the Dark

Chapter Three: Strange Meetings and Confessions

Chapter Four: The Portal of Kharon

Chapter Five: Cycad Attacks

Chapter Six: The Forest of Statues


Here's the moodboard for the campaign, on Pinterest. Follow John's board Time of the Gorgons on Pinterest.

(there's some clues in there too...) :)

This article was updated on August 25, 2023

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