Faerie Dust

pink car
I have a car, it’s horribly pink, it’s horribly Kitsch and all the seats are covered in pink fur. Do I care, no I do not… well not much. It’s a small price you see because, I have a secret, we have a secret. I don’t spend a penny on petrol. I don’t spend a cent on Diesel or LPG or any of that other nonsense. It’s great fun - though it can be messy.

My name is Fiona, and if you saw my little Clio, all in pink you’d think I was horribly cute — I’m not, cute that is. I may be a teensy bit horrible though. The sign you see, on the back of my hatchback, isn’t a joke at all. Everyone reads it and laughs, or raises their eyebrows: Powered by Fairy Dust… It’s no joke though. It might take twenty of the little buggers and forcing them into the blender and blitzing them up smooth enough to pour into the petrol tank is a bit tricky, but its perfectly true …. I get about 60 miles to the Fairy, and that’s not too bad is it?