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A DeeTen TM roleplaying game of fantasy and Monsters

Intro story 500 words

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Lots of examples styled like this: 

Lauap steps into the empty corridor, and draws her dagger (1 Action)  the ceiling above her head explodes and she’s showered in wooden plaster splinter, her GM gets her to Roll Agility  for target 12, she rolls a D10, gets and ‘8’ adds her Agility for (8 +5 = 13 ) for a success:  her GM describes it like this Laup ducks her head and the splinters glance of her face rather than going in her eyes... You’ve got an Action left, what do you do?’ 



0.1 Introducing Destra


Destra is a Social game.  Its  a game to have fun with for Games Masters and Players. The games rules are simple enough that everyone can take a turn running an adventure. Be a fun player so you can learn to be a fun GM 

Destra uses the DeeTen(TM) same system as Ne0 (link).  In 20 minutes, you can easily pick up enough to create a protagonist/character, and be playing 10 minutes after that. If you’re going to run the game then have a rough read through chapters X to Y or watch one of our short videos.

Destra is simple to play for one-shots, with enough depth and character progression to run seasons and campaigns

There are two sample adventures in the back of the book to show you the tone and basics of Destra. We absolutely adored creating and playing Destra and hope you do too. 




Videos Examples 


  • Watch Out! Checking for danger
  • Skillfully done - getting shit done in Destra
  • He’s got an axe! - Combat and death in Destra
  • Take cover she’s casting! - Magic and Sorcery in Destra
  • Birth of a kickass protagonist - Character Creation in Destra



Written and cartoon video examples, QR code

1.0 Playing the Game

1.1 Creating Characters

Overview of the process in picture form


Carve (Write your concept)or Grow Build your character from the stats

The character sheet A5 example 

A4 & MDF artefact

Part One

  1. Childhood (stats)
  2. On the job training - pick a career, pick some skills


Part Two

  1. Formative events Do you know your enemy? Choose an enemy and a flaw
  2. Inheritance of a ‘hero’

Part Three

  1. Rounding out Fitting out includes trappings


Destra uses Careers instead of classes, to show the job your protagonist is currently doing. Your Gms will expose career options, depending on the type of game they’re running, or if you can all choose  careers from the same type choose together. It’s something you can have fun making up together 

Adventure Genres


You’re a bunch of rogues and criminals about to commit a nefarious crime, or  make war on another gang of thieves and hoodlum

Heist Careers

  • Fence
  • Bodyguard
  • Powderwitch
  • Spy


Dungeon Delve

The tunnels and caverns below the  land of Destra are crawling with creatures and relics of a bygone age. Things best left uncovered are being looted and sold on the open market. Are you looter or  Scholara?  Thief or hero? 

Dungeon splat careers:

  • Sapper
  • Soldier
  • Tunnelwitch
  • Scout
  • Scholara
  • Merchant 


Some awful horror has been discovered in the heart of the forest or city, your mission is to uncover the secret beneath it and  escape with your sanity. 

Investigator Careers

  • Scholar
  • Necromancer
  • Priest
  • Teacher



Long knife

Wealscu Bow 




Leather coat 



Stone mason’s tools

Dowsing rods

Flint and steel


General Equipment

Food & Drink 




Meals, common merchant, noble 

1.2 Skills

1.3 Combat


Include for all:

  • Parry,
  • Coup de Graces, 

Wyrd Dice 

1.4 Magic

Shamanism / Geomancer

Necromancy  - spirit talking, see ghosts,  exorcism 

Elder Sorcery 

2.0 GM’s Guide

This section strong enough to be worth the price of the ticket alone

3.0 World Guide

The falling Empire of Destra 

Map of Mythic Europe 


Timeline - Elizabethan and an Occult timeline 

Abnett countries Instantly recognizable  

  • Gorgons 
  • France 
  • Logres
  • Spain 
  • Angell 

4.0 Beast & Folklore

A-Z 100 monsters

Template  for each do:



Type: Elemental/Fae/Daemon/Spirit/ Sentient

Include WordBeasts and Sakai

AI Rules  (block  1,2, 3  e.g. Minotaur rush, wizard spell

Lore   of the monster 



  1. Barghest
  2. Bakshis  (undead ghosts half spirit, half physical) 
  3. Boggarts (scary fuckers) 
  4. Bloody Bones
  5. Coveys - Ratkin
  6. Dwarrow - Stone 
  7. Hairy Hands
  8. Harewitches, the Hagridden
  9. Hob
  10. Horned Ooser of Dorset - 3rd eye in forehead
  11. Hortons - Ghost hounds
  12. Jenny Greenteeth - Daemon
  13. Knuckers
  14. Lantern men
  15. Mist Beasts  (cf Urscumug )
  16. Neeme (wolfkin)
  17. Niskie (cruel creatures)
  18. Owlmen of Mawnam
  19. Screaming Skulls 
  20. Serpentines (Sussende Gorgones)
  21. Shucks, 
  22. Spriggan
  23. Time Beasts (the Word Beast)
  24. Wild Elementals
    • Stone
    • Fire
    • Wind 
    • Aethyr
    • River
  25. Wildermen - Hairy fish-eaters
  26. Wurse - the Arch Feond
  27. Wyrd Beast -  example Raven 




A bull’s heart found up a chimney, stuffed with outward facing pins. 



Appendix 1  Inspirations Reading Lists



Whisperer in Darkness? 



Way of Wyrd 

Locke Lamora



12th Night 


YTube for GMs


(All links have QR codes )

A2 Sample Adventures x2


1. The Wolf Pack Inn

8 line drawings, 1 map

Atmospheric text

History - the inn used to have a sacrificial temple in the basement


Roads and river barges

The wolf tribe and bestial men 




2. The Dream lands.

Journey to the spirit world (flip side character)

Rescue an old lady.

Dope Character Sheets Hand Lettered 



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