Book Cover Designs

Great book covers to really sell your novel

You can often tell a self-published book by its cover. That’s because a lot more goes into jacket design than you might think.

Professional covers for ebooks and paperbacks all:

  • have typography that is clear and appropriate to the genre
  • use a design that reads well instantly, whatever the format - whether it's thumbnail on Amazon, full size on a webpage or black & white on an eReader
  • follow stylistic trends currently being used in your particular genre e.g. cursive fonts in Contemporary Women's Fiction and serifed fonts with intertwined elements for Fantasy novels. Using similar motifs will help your book appeal to the same audience

In under a second people will decide whether or not to look at your book. Make sure your cover is doing its job! I design book jackets and covers for Fantasy, Horror, Gothic, Science Fiction and Contemporary Women’s Fiction. As a writer and artist I understand book jackets from both sides of the fence.

'Who did the cover? It looks super. Very professional. I wouldn't have guessed it was "self-published". ;) '

Elizabeth Singer Hunt Author

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I also designed a promotional tee shirt for Gareth Powell

This article was updated on August 25, 2023

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